Brand New Reviewed: The Industry Weighs in On Trollbäck’s New On-Air Look for TeenNick

In early January, Trollbäck+Company helped launch an all-new on-air identity for TeenNick, Nickelodeon’s sister channel targeted toward teenagers, preteens and other forms of angsty youth. Three months later, the industry has finally spoken, with the design pundits at Brand New calling it “one of the most authentic branding approaches geared toward teenagers that I have seen.”

The review, which goes over all of the fun squishy type animations, live action footage, burst photography, and quirky on-air package behavior our team designed was a really proud moment for us at the studio. It’s not often that a design studio gets praised for imbuing a creation with all of the awkwardness and frenetic energy of real life.

In case you missed it, check out our case study for the new brand identity. Or, watch this video showing off all of the best stuff from the package.