Brand New: #FOMO (Fear of Motion O-someness)

Fearless is here. This week, we dropped our case study for a fresh animated type system we developed with FX Networks earlier this year.

It wouldn’t be a release without a little noise, so we’re excited that one of our first pieces of press on the project is this glowing review on UnderConsideration’s Brand New (Reviewed).

“High-energy and kinetic yet elegant motion behaviors make this a rather engrossing approach,” writes designer, and writer Armin Vit. “Both the speed at which elements appear, distort, and disappear and the tension of the generous letter- and line-spacing create an odd sense of anxiety that is very appropriate for FX shows, where you often find yourself holding your breath during a scene before something unexpected happens or the tension releases.”

The system, which draws inspiration from film titles and experimental typography, was custom-designed to adapt to any mood, series, and setting in FX’s library – so it’s exciting the emotion is coming through. This is also one of our biggest, most-anticipated projects of 2020, and one we’re especially proud to share with the world.

To read UnderConsideration’s full review, click here.