#TBT: Revisiting CCO Alex Moulton’s “Exodus” On Its 10-Year Anniversary

Looking for something incredible to listen to as you get through the work-week?

Turns out, when he’s not overseeing creative work at the studio, Alex Moulton has another life as a Brooklyn-based composer and DJ best known for “Exodus” his imagined soundtrack for an epic space saga, heavily influenced by early synthesizer music of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The album made quite a splash in the electronic music world when Alex released it in 2008. Today, we’re re-visiting it for a very cool reason.

To celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary, DJ and producer Miles BlackLove recently transformed Exodus’s all-percussion track “The Sacrifice” into an epic tribal journey for today’s dancefloors. As an additional riff of the recent reboot, Alex also put together an exclusive mix of for the Trollbäck blog featuring and riffing off the track.

“The Sacrifice” underscores the pivotal scene in “Exodus” in which Una, princess of the Outer Regions, is led to ritual sacrifice by her zealot brother Mars, high atop the jungle’s central pyramid,” Alex explains in a never-before-published explanation of his vision behind the album. “At the last moment she is saved by Mars’ high commander Abku, who is revealed to be the leader of the indigenous rebel faction. But Mars instead turns the sacrificial knife on Abku’s father, the high chieftain presiding over the ceremony. In the fight with Mars, Abku is seriously wounded while trying to protect his dying father and Una, and Abku calls upon his rebel army for insurrection. However, it is Una who must now lead the rebels in an epic battle to regain control of the capital.”

Sound like an incredible vibe to get some work done to?

Click here to listen to “Exodus” in all its original glory.

Then, click here to listen to Miles BlackLove’s “The Sacrifice” remix on your favorite music service.

Once the vibe is set, check out “A New World” Alex’s exclusive 1:51:45 saga on Mixcloud to round out your journey.