Adweek: Developing a Tone of Voice for Your Brand

Without a defining identity, your company could fade into the background. Fortunately, resident copywriter + strategist Casey Halter has some tips on how to develop a brand voice that stands out from the crowd.

An excerpt from the article:

More Channels, more voices

The importance of tone of voice is growing with the rise of social media. As the number of potential content channels increases, brands must produce more words to feed them. Social teams are getting bigger. Audiences are getting wider. And that means more and more people have the big responsibility of representing a brand. Giving the right people that kind of responsibility can help build relationships with a brand’s target audience in ways traditional media can’t even begin to measure up to. But getting it wrong can be a recipe for disaster. And tone of voice is a major determinant in which way a brand will swing.

So how do you find your brand’s tone of voice, and how do you make it stick?

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