Creative Pool: In 2021, Brands Need to Be More Honest

But what does that look like? This month in Creative Pool, CCO Alex Moulton calls the creative industry to action for a radical new era of truth and transparency in branding.

Advertising has long been viewed as a series of “beautiful lies.” It’s much easier to sell an aspiration than to speak the truth or take a stand.

Yet a new era is rapidly approaching – one where 81% of consumers want to support companies they believe in, but admit to trusting only 1 in 3 brands they purchase.

Modern brands need to understand that empty noise – while sometimes a welcome break from the neverending news cycle – won’t satisfy anyone’s appetite, won’t earn their trust, won’t create value, and won’t contribute to long-term brand sustainability.

The time for “beautiful lies” is over. Branding in this new era must be about powerful truths.

But if being radically open and honest with consumers is the best way to earn their trust and their business, how do brand teams actually get there? To learn more, check out the full article here.