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#ItsAmazingOutThere! In the network's first rebrand in 31 years, we partnered with the Weather Channel to make them an inspiring source of information about the world around you.

The Weather Channel was on a mission—to freshen and modernize their look, attract younger viewers and make the power of weather both entertaining and engaging. They are an important voice in our world of changing climate, and it was our honor to bring a spirit of adventure and optimism to their powerful data. We signaled the new spirit with the hashtag #ItsAmazingOutThere. Together we defined a new tone-of-voice guide with a friendly, knowledgeable tilt.

To execute this visually, we set out on the mammoth task of replacing the entire on-air design with a modern, intelligent and elegant look. All communication — including maps, data visualizations and icon systems — were completely reimagined to encourage curiosity, involvement and delight in the weather.

The extensive graphics package includes the rebrand of Severe Weather segments, virtual 3D sets, primetime promo packages, a motion control mountain-view time-lapse with typographic lighting, and live-action talent IDs showcasing a deeper view of network personalities. We also helmed physical set designs to interact with the on-screen graphics. We helped define a sonic identity, working with Man-Made Music, featuring all-new branded anthems, show opens and alerts.

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