The Late Late Show with James Corden
James + Reggie
© 2015

James Corden and Reggie Watts put the LA LA back into Late Late in a series fun vignettes filmed around Los Angeles for the identity of the new CBS Late Late Show.

James originally wanted JJ Abrams to film him and Reggie scored to a Mark Ronson track. We were of course honored to take JJ's place as he was a bit busy filming a blockbuster! We managed to shoot everything in one night with LED bikes, a Lowrider, and a Pixelstick setting an eclectic visual tone for this experimental new show.

Logo Design
Our flickering handdrawn neon logo captures the eclectic-electric energy of the show and comes in 3 colors.
Bumpers + Transitions
Behind The Scenes
The entire shoot was done in one night and using movi rig to keep us moving fast, and snorri cam body rigs for dynamic portraits of the stars against the backdrops of LA.