The Global Goals
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On September 25th 2015, 193 member states of the United Nations came together for a historic event. They adopted The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a bold and hopeful plan that outlines a way forward for humanity and the planet through 2030.

But how does one take a lengthy UN plan written in the dense language of geopolitics and make it comprehensible and vital to 7 billion people?

The Logo
To facilitate communication about the goals, we have created a comprehensive identity for them. We began by creating a more compelling public name for the Sustainable Development Goals. We refer to them as The Global Goals for Sustainable Development. We have given each of the 17 goals a short, concise name that is easy to understand and remember. Every goal has also been given a unique colorful icon and we have created an official master logo for the whole initiative. The logotype for the entire The Global Goals campaign incorporates the 17 colors from the individual icons in a full circle. Throughout, we used bold typography and bright colors to express the determination and optimism at the core of this effort. The results are clean and powerful, and we hope they'll help inspire everyone everywhere to get involved.
The Manifesto
We wrote a short manifesto that expresses the importance of this moment in time and lays out the critical mandate that’s at the heart of The Global Goals campaign. We wanted it to be clear and powerful, inspiring and shareable.
The brightly colored, optimistic posters we created for each of The Goals will help take the message of the campaign to walls, bus stops, billboards, and other media space around the world. Each poster highlights one Goal.
Project Everyone
In September 2014, Richard Curtis of Project Everyone came to us and asked: “Can you help us make these goals famous? We said ‘Yes.’ The simple but mighty ambition of Project Everyone is to share The Global Goals with 7 billion people.
Global Citizen Festival
On Saturday, September 26th, our branding for The ‪‎Global Goals was seen by 60,000 people who gathered on the lawn in Central Park for the annual Global Citizen Festival, one of the biggest music events in New York City. Headlined by Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and Pearl Jam, the show also brought out movie stars, politicians, and the CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies all to hype up the crowd and educate them on The Global Goals, and how everybody can be a part of making this world a better place.
Projections on the UN building
On Tuesday September 22nd, our branding for The Global Goals were projected onto the UN building. In anticipation of Friday September 25th's official launch, Fifty Nine Productions created an amazing experience that was shared by everyone from Richard Curtis and Amina J. Mohammed to the UN General Secretary himself, Ban Ki-moon.
We The People
Image Gallery
A quick look around the globe as awareness about the #GlobalGoals ramps up! From celebrities, athletes, and even royalty to street art, social media, and larger than life installations by the legendary Liu Bolin - the message is being spread. What will you do to #TellEveryone about your goal of choice?