SVT2 2014
Focus + Detail
© 2014

SVT2 comes back for another set of idents, adding powder, trees, cities and hot air balloons to the brand. What will the 2 experience next? Stay tuned…

For SVT2's new series of Idents, we were inspired by color and texture—from sweeping night-time cityscapes to colorful high-speed powder shots (any day spent making a colorful mess is a good day in our book). The series communicates the spirit of Swedish public television's humanistic and global focus.

Behind The Scenes
Inspired by the Holi festival of colors, our SVT2 Powder ID required us to develop our own mixtures to get the right viscosity for the dense and colorful look of our original designs. These colorful mixtures were thrown with human propulsion in a variety of scenarios; both with and without practically built "2" logos. We captured it all at 1200fps with a Phantom camera.