Färg + Knäckebröd
© 2012

At last! Sweden's Public Television realized that the combination of our roots in the Swedish midsummer and our deep branding experience made us the perfect collaborators with them.

SVT1 is the largest network in Sweden. We returned to our roots for the comprehensive rebrand of Swedish Public Television (SVT) that encompassed five channels. After about a year of mangled Swedish flying around in the New York office and hard-working creativity, we launched the new brand identity for SVT1, SVT2, SVT24, Kunskapskanalen (a Knowledge and Learning Channel) and the Kid’s Network Barnkanalen in one swoop. Needless to say, this project was near and dear to our hearts, giving us a great excuse to hang out in our country’s cultural birthplace, Stockholm.

As the general entertainment channel, and we wanted to show how vibrant and dynamic SVT1 is, full of bright minds and strong personalities. The bold, crisp colors were part of a strategy to appeal to younger families, showing how rich and vivid personality of the public television. Bring on the dark winter in Sweden—you can rely on SVT1 to splash your world with color.