Beauty + Logic
It started with the idea of creating the world’s best motion graphic studio.

Our Scandinavian heritage drives us toward a simpler, more thoughtful design process. We want to create more relevant and emotionally connected communication. To do this, we search for the cleanest, most clever solution possible and then present it in the most beautiful and irresistible way. Today, we are known and sought after for creating strong cultural identities supported by immersive and experiential storytelling.


Nothing is as important as cultural relevance. We stay current and focus on opportunities for new and personal communication. We foster constant exchanges between platforms and disciplines, supported by our Passion + Battles salon series, featuring artists, thinkers, and makers presenting and discussing their work.


Our studio was one of the first in the industry to integrate strong strategic thinking in the process of creating emotional connections. We work closely with our clients to identify precise messages and the most powerful ways of communicating them.


Design and copywriting form an incredibly flexible equation where both support each other. The right tone of voice defines the culture of a brand. Our writers simplify the complex and energize the ordinary on projects ranging from TV campaigns to global UN initiatives.

Visual Identity

Visual design inspires us every day; it’s how most of us got our start, whether in print or in motion. We have adapted our abilities to design strong cultural identities in every possible medium.

Comprehensive Design

A lot of our work is in service of brands. With all the different channels available today, consistency is key. We make sure that every component is pulling in the same direction, from print to video to live experiences.

Live Action

Design is a way of seeing things: a way to contextualize our surroundings. The camera helps us to capture the world around us with a unique point of view. Capturing images in-camera can also produce spontaneous, beautiful moments that you can’t replicate with software.


Immersive installations have a unique ability to transform environments into experiences. They create strong memories that outlast the works themselves. Ultimately, all of our work is about making emotional connections, so this is one of our favorite areas.


Many of us are explorers and tinkerers at heart. As technology advances, so do opportunities for us to play with emerging technology. We’re working more in interactive spaces, with several apps on the market and in development.