Spotify Discover Weekly
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Discovery is exciting. It rewards curiosity. It surprises and delights. For the “Discover Weekly,” campaign we collaborated with Spotify to explore infinite ways of getting lost in the music.

Spotify's creative team envisioned starry portals leading to fresh artists and deep cuts -- whether you’re peeking in or diving in. For the global campaign which spans video and print, we captured the spirit of Discover Weekly’s custom-curated playlists by fabricating unique scenarios for our characters to interact with and explore.

In order to connect with an international audience, each spot was flavored with commentary from local publications and social media accounts. Leave Monday behind and discover more music with Spotify.

Print Campaign
Behind The Scenes
We swear we work hard; sometimes we just play harder. Our live-action shoot—which also captured stills for the global print campaign—shows our talent acting bold, chilling out, and taking it all in.