Passion + Battles
Passion + Battles is a gathering for creative exchange between different fields.

We invite writers, filmmakers, architects, musicians, artists, philosophers, activists, poets and marketers to share their thinking, inspiration and challenges.

Salon IV: DJ Brian Sweeny, Critter & Guitari and Bob Maynard with friends
From design studio to music studio. Our salon featured a set list starring DJ Brian Sweeny, Critter & Guitari's Chris Kucinski, and Bob Maynard with Friends.
Extra Salon: The Global Goals
We celebrated the launch of The Global Goals with Richard Curtis, our friends from the UN, the designers who helped bring the Goals to life, and other valued project partners. Our next challenge is to activate people behind the goals.
Salon III: Todd St John
Founder and Creative Director of design studio HunterGatherer, Todd St. John, showed a cross-section of his many creative disciplines, from art direction, illustration, and animation to furniture design. His work reminds us of the value of practicing analogue craft in an increasingly digital landscape.
Salon II: Patrik Andersson
Swedish legendary photographer Patrik Andersson came to present his work and discuss "The Five Most Obvious Questions To Ask A Photographer”.
Salon I: Anders Krisar & Sarah Kay
Swedish artist Anders Krisar presented his work which explores the hidden relationship between us and the mark we leave. Sarah Kay, founder and co-director of Project V.O.I.C.E., performed her inspirational spoken word poetry and educated us on the artform.