The Weather Channel


Create a comprehensive brand redesign that modernizes The Weather Channel, attracts younger viewers, and communicates the power of weather.


Translate raw scientific data into engaging design that informs and entertains viewers, while working within one of the most complex real-time broadcasting systems ever built.


A new visual and sonic identity transforms the channel's information systems, data viz, and 24/7 content, successfully repositioning the on-air brand and enticing IBM to acquire its digital platform.


+ Animation + Brand Guidelines + Brand Identity + Iconography + Sonic Branding + Strategy


The Weather Channel’s refresh was a first for the brand in over three decades. We transformed the network into an inspiring source of information that is scientifically accurate, but also entertaining. Local information lives on-air 24/7, even during long-form programming and commercial breaks.

Brand Language

A new network tagline, “It’s Amazing Out There,” encompasses the joy, wonder, and terror of the weather. All communication — including maps, data visualizations and icon systems — work to bring this curiosity to life. We infused our designs with a spirit of adventure and optimism to present data in a friendly, knowledgeable way. Physical and virtual sets were designed to maximize the visual impact of the digital collateral.

Show Packages

In addition to on-air communication systems, we created new show packages for the network’s expanded slate of in-depth weather programming. Opens and promos for live broadcasts and recorded series leverage The Weather Channel’s catalogue of powerful footage with modern graphic elements. We also shot talent IDs introducing viewers to the network’s personalities.


Two digital platforms were developed in tandem with The Weather Channel rebrand: a consumer-facing mobile app and a B2B ad sales website. Each provides unique opportunities to generate revenue and expand market reach.