Verizon Up


Create a digital launch campaign for Verizon’s new rewards program, connecting loyal customers to premium brands and experiences.


Develop digital and mobile content that communicates the program’s key benefits and highlights celebrity and brand partnerships.


High energy anthems play across all of Verizon’s web and social channels to generate excitement, drive enrollment, and strengthen consumer loyalty to the brand.


+ Animation + Digital + Motion Strategy + Typography

Launch Anthem

Verizon Up is a simple, easy-to-use program that rewards customers for paying their monthly bills, “Just because.” We worked with Verizon’s creative team to design a visual motion language that complements their modular campaign messaging, with a focus on experiences, VIP tickets, and everyday rewards.

Brand Partners

To differentiate Up from other rewards programs, Verizon partnered with premium brands to offer perks and experiences that consumers really want. We created six cross-promotional ads for Apple Music, HBO Now, Uber, JetBlue, the NFL, and Lady Gaga, spotlighting some of the exclusive benefits of joining Up.

Digital and Social Platforms

Verizon’s campaign strategy for Up focuses specifically on digital and mobile advertising. We designed video content to function on traditional desktop displays and social channels, as well as vertical space for mobile-specific apps like Snapchat.

Motion Guide

We created a motion guide video that outlines best practices for working with logos, typography, and grid layouts, enabling Verizon’s team to build out new spots over time. In addition to formatting, the guide explains the rationale behind specific motion behaviors.