The New School


Create a brand film that introduces the university's new brand identity, designed by the great Paula Scher.


Celebrate The New School’s “Design Inspired Process,” its interdisciplinary curriculum, and the spirit of constant innovation.


A multisensory film incorporating traditional and digital design invites site visitors to learn more about The New School’s history and educational philosophies.


+ Animation + Brand Film + Live Action + Sound Design


The New School asked us to express a vision for their future inspired by ‘Tabula Rasa’ — a blank slate waiting to be filled with sensory experiences. The idea encompasses not only the range of educational possibilities presented by The New School, but the mindset of students who attend the prestigious art and design college.


We used a combination of studio and digital arts to illuminate the core elements of The New School curriculum. Everything from tactile builds to animated projections fills the frame with a human presence and gives life to the creative process.