NFL GameDay


A 360° brand refresh for NFL Network’s tentpole franchise to prioritize digital and grow their passionate fan base.


Develop a flexible design system that unifies the brand across platforms, leverages their unique access to the game, and enables them to stay agile and relevant.


Authentic content-first strategy positions GameDay as the premiere Sunday destination for football fans, attracting record numbers of viewers through the first half of the 2017 season.


+ Animation + Brand Architecture + Brand Guidelines + Digital + Language + Logo Design

Digital and OTT

The GameDay rebrand is a strategic response to audiences searching for more authentic brand experiences, and who are increasingly shifting their attention toward digital and OTT for sports coverage. We dialed back the over-dramatized 3D elements in favor of a flatter, cleaner look to enable more cross-platform clarity. The low-overhead system prioritizes a modern digital vernacular that flexes easily to accommodate rapidly changing content, while creating a unified brand experience across all screens.

Design Language

Placing a premium on authenticity, directness, and surprise, our design combines a bold use of team colors with football symbolism to strike an emotional chord with fans. Radical cropping and bold color blocks feel refreshingly unexpected, while sparking instant team recognition among passionate fans. The editorial approach puts players and franchises first, generating drama through movement and editing rather than graphic clutter.

Brand Architecture

An elegant and simplified 3D logo system preserves the legacy of NFL Network’s franchise, while elevating its status as a premium entertainment brand. The cleaner 3D elements fit perfectly into a robust and nimble graphic architecture that differentiates GameDay from other sports networks, and positions the brand as a foremost destination for diehard fans.