Design collateral to keep IBM top-of-mind for businesses and individuals seeking advanced technology solutions.


Demonstrate how IBM is improving data, security, and mobile technologies through motion and experiential design.


Digital signage and a B2B promo film showcase IBM’s advanced cognitive systems and build on the success of the “Smarter Planet” campaign.


+ Animation + Digital + Experiential + Illustration + Live Action + OOH Advertising

Made with IBM

We partnered with Ogilvy & Mather and Picture Farm Productions to create digital signage promoting the success of the “Smarter Planet” campaign. A combination of live action, motion graphics, and typography brings the distinctive poster art of IBM’s iconic brand builder, Paul Rand, to life.

OOH Advertising

By introducing motion and experiential design to Rand’s distinctive aesthetic, we blurred the line between static billboards and commercial advertising. The ads brought IBM’s brand messaging to millions of travelers in international airports.


Our promo film for IBM BlueMix is a deep dive into their secure, open-source cloud platform for businesses seeking simpler IT solutions. We translated IBM’s schematics for the product into engaging motion graphics, using colorful infographics to educate clients and clearly articulate the powerful Relay technology behind the service.