House of Marley


Raise awareness for a global, sustainable lifestyle brand inspired by the music, charity, and inclusivity of music icon Bob Marley.


Develop relatable, interconnected stories that communicate product design, sound quality, and governing business practices to consumers that drive retail sales.


Product-driven films inspired by Marley’s “One Love” philosophy emphasize the brand’s core values and increase sales that advance the company mission and bottom-line.


+ Animation + Brand Film + Copywriting + Live Action + Music

Product Videos

To promote specific audio products, including portable mini speakers and earbuds, we set out to show how “Music Connects.” Marley’s target audience – youthful, active, multicultural, and inclusive – star in a series of evocative vignettes that focus on the emotional ties that bind us with nature and each other when we listen to music.

Brand Film

House of Marley is one of several eco-friendly businesses grown by the Marley family to support the 1Love charitable foundation. Using a tree as a narrative metaphor, we tell a brief history of the company’s roots, growth, and mission to underscore the deep connections between the music, their products and the people who benefit from them.