Estee Lauder


Create a powerful ad promoting Estee Lauder's luxury skincare product to an international audience.


Develop a new visual concept for the brand that feels epic and feminine, while highlighting key product benefits.


An emotionally charged narrative uses innovative CG and live action techniques to drive sales in stores and online.


+ Animation + Brand Film + Digital + Experiential + Live Action + Sound Design + Typography

Revitalizing Supreme+

Unlike most ads for luxury beauty products, our spot for Revitalizing Supreme+ abandons the traditional spokesmodel script. Working with CG imagery, typography, and motion capture, we harness the power of the Tree of Life and the Moringa seed to unlock younger looking skin. The discovery leads to an exuberant celebration of beauty and femininity expressed through dance.

Retail Installations

In addition to broadcast and digital advertising, our work was designed to play on retail display screens and in-store tablets to enhance the brand experience.


Joyful expressions of life and femininity were created using motion capture, recording dynamic human movement to express the power of Revitalizing Supreme+. We invited several dancers to perform in our studio, and their movements were translated into line, particle, and fluid animations using Houdini.