Animate a compelling logo for the independent film production company, Blackbird.


Craft a whimsical visual narrative that brings their static identity to life through motion.


A new logo animation for the company behind critically acclaimed films including “The Ticket” and “Swiss Army Man” (2016).


+ Animation + Illustration + Title Design + Visual Identity

Visual Narrative

Building off the aesthetic of their logo lock-up, Blackbird Films asked us to tell a simple visual story inspired by the Wallace Stevens’ poem, Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird:


A man and a woman / Are one. / A man and a woman and a blackbird / Are one.

Behind the Scenes

The final composition is organic, fluid, and more complex than it appears. 3D models of birds in flight were modeled and animated in CG, then painted over frame-by-frame using a combination of digital brushes, watercolors, and Japanese sumi ink.