Evolve Apple’s sophisticated brand language with compelling content for product launches and targeted campaigns.


Develop unique, beautiful, consumer-facing perspectives showcasing the capabilities of Apple’s iOS and hardware in relation to new products.


Stunning motion backgrounds pre-loaded onto all iOS devices and spirited product-driven films demonstrate Apple’s dedication to redefining the limits of design and technology.


+ Animation + Live Action + Music + Sound Design

UI/UX - Phantom Fish

The iPhone 6s was the first to debut Live Photos: a camera-based feature leveraging 3D Touch to create short animations from photographs. We shot footage of exotic Betta fish using a Phantom camera, transforming them into dreamlike animated wallpapers that were pre-loaded onto all 6s phones and used as advertising collateral in-stores and online.

DJI Drone

The DJI Mavic Pro is a collapsible 4k camera drone that can be piloted from Apple devices. To show off its professional grade specs and portability, we shot a product video from the point of view of the user and the drone itself. The film combines practical product demonstration with an engaging, relatable narrative that unfolds against the stunning Moab desert.

Roli Blocks

These modular synth controllers offer an intuitive approach to composing music, individually or collectively, with an interactive touchpad and iOS app. To demonstrate how touch correlates to sound, we shot hands of all shapes and sizes playing and sharing portable Roli Blocks, adding personal beats to create unique, high-energy compositions.

Playdoh Touch

Available exclusively at Apple, the Playdoh Touch Shape to Life Studio brings tactile play into a limitless digital universe. For the launch, we captured kids’ hands molding colorful creations that are brought to life by compatible iOS devices. Seamless transitions between the play space and user interface show how Apple and Playdoh work together to spark imaginations.