• 2016.09.22

    Global Goals Ad

    Our international ad for The Global Goals began its print run today today in The Guardian. Look for it in the papers and tell everyone to do their part in turning the goals into realities.

  • 2016.08.15

    Last week Tonight with John Oliver

    Something's funny about American Petroleum's latest ad... Watch John Oliver call them out over some strange similarities to our opening.

  • 2016.08.05

    NBC Rio Logo

    As all eyes turn to Brazil this week, we are thrilled to see how NBC Olympics is using the ‎Rio 2016‬ logo we designed across their platforms.

  • 2016.08.03

    Spotify Gucci

    In our most recent collaboration with Spotify, we went to Atlanta to film Gucci Mane sending a surprise to his biggest fans.

  • 2016.07.12

    Pledge Parental Leave

    We are committed to providing support for our employees with growing families. We took the pledge with Pledge Parental Leave.

  • 2016.06.29


    Thanks to cg+news for featuring "Send + Receive," our open for the AICP Next Awards.

  • 2016.06.23

    Spotify Discover

    We produced video and print ads that explore the infinite possibilities brought to you by Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists. Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad after all.

  • 2016.06.23

    Bill Simmons

    We designed the opening titles and show package for Bill Simmons's new late night talk show, "Any Given Wednesday."

  • 2016.06.18


    Jakob continued to share his thoughts and ideas about design here in New York, speaking at Cooper Union's Typographics conference last week.

  • 2016.06.17

    Morning Joe

    We’re pleased to announce that our “Election Frontrunner” show open for MSNBCs “Morning Joe” took gold at last night’s PromaxBDA awards for “News/Information Program Spot.”

  • 2016.06.10

    Motion Conference

    Motion in Santa Fe featured two of our creative directors, a designer, and a producer, who showed off skills ranging from musical performances to AfterEffects challenges.

  • 2016.06.09


    For the 2016 NEXT Awards, we created “Send + Receive”: a digital exploration of communication and emotional connectivity backed by a score from our sound partners at Antfood.

  • 2016.06.08

    Motion Conference

    Motion 2016 kicks off this weekend and four members of our talented staff are in the line up. Get ready Santa Fe. Trollbäck is coming.

  • 2016.06.07

    Spotify Summer

    Hello, Summer! We missed you. Turn up the music, soak up the sun, and take a look at our latest designs for Spotify's Premium summer campaign.

  • 2016.06.02

    Jakob at Spotify

    Jakob presenting our work for the United Nations and moderating a panel at Spotify Sweden "Celebration X‬" for Spotify’s 10 year anniversary.

  • 2016.05.31

    The Maylist

    Just in time for summer, Jakob drops The Maylist. There's a method to the madness — so do your best to avoid shuffling. Enjoy!

  • 2016.05.11

    TE Sensors

    Ever wonder what makes smart technology so smart? Check out our brand film for TE Connectivity, where we visualize “What A Sensor Sees.”

  • 2016.05.11

    Jakob at the UN

    Jakob spoke at the United Nations about designing The Global Goals. “We wanted to create a positive, simple and exact language.”

  • 2016.05.10


    What does a Fempire look like? Check out our latest work for Lifetime and find out.

  • 2016.05.06


    Seen at the Tribeca Film Festival: our animated ID for Blackbird Films, U.S. distributor of "The Ticket." Check out how we brought their static logo to life using CG and Japanese ink.

  • 2016.05.03

    Sustainable Brands

    Jakob's article for Sustainable Brands exploring communication throughout history, and how to communicate for change.

  • 2016.04.19

    Introducing Creative Leaks

    We will take you behind the curtain to showcase past pitches, experimental work, and projects from our early years. In many cases, this is work that for one reason or another, never saw the light of day.

  • 2016.04.11

    17 th Anniversary

    We celebrated our 17th anniversary on April 11th. Thanks to all who helped make it possible, we look forward to many more years of working with you!

  • 2016.03.30

    Business Cards in LBB

    Thanks to Little Black Book for featuring our Business Card Film .

  • 2016.03.29

    Elliott in Stash Jobs

    Have you got what it takes to work with us at T+Co? Our CD Elliott Chaffer shares some tips with Stash Jobs.

  • 2016.03.22

    Business Card Film

    There is no substitute for a well-made business card. We went behind-the-scenes at Genghis Kern Letterpress to film their production of our new cards.

  • 2016.03.22

    Our new website

    When you work full time for clients, it's easy to overlook your own branding. We've given our website a fresh look and added some new faces.

  • 2016.03.11

    Spotify in Graphic Design USA

    Thanks to GD USA Magazine for profiling our ongoing collaboration with Spotify on their designwire blog.

  • 2016.03.09

    Fionna at Motion

    Our AfterEffects guru Fionna Mariani has accepted the 2016 Faceoff Challenge. Fionna will go head-to-head against two other designers live on stage to produce a motion graphic piece in only 60 minutes.

  • 2016.03.09

    Spotify Premium

    12 animated videos. 10 global markets. 4 great reasons to “Go Premium.” Introducing our latest collaboration with Spotify.

  • 2016.03.04

    Rosie at SCAD's CoMotion

    Our associate creative director Rosie Garschina sat on the panel at SCAD’s CoMotion Conference last weekend. Thanks for representing T+Co and especially “Women in the Industry"

  • 2016.02.26

    Jakob in DI Weekend

    Jakob talks about the Global Goals and the importance of simple, powerful communication in today’s edition of DI Weekend, Sweden’s largest business newspaper.

  • 2016.02.25

    Mavis on HBO

    Tune in to HBO Documentary Films at 9PM ET on Monday 2/29 for the broadcast premier of Mavis!

  • 2016.02.24

    Rosie at SCAD

    SCAD's CoMotion Conference is happening later this week. Our very own Rosie Garschina will not only be there scouting out some amazing design talent— she’s also on the panel for Women in the Industry.

  • 2016.02.18

    T+Co at Motion

    The Motion Conference turns 10 this year — and two familiar faces are in the lineup. We can’t wait to hear what our CDs Elliott and Brian bring to the table.

  • 2016.02.10

    House of Marley

    Just in time for the legendary Bob Marley’s birthday, we worked with audio brand The House of Marley to create a series of spots highlighting their history, their roots in Bob’s legacy, and their products.

  • 2016.02.05

    Jakob DJ in Stockholm

    Stockholm! Join us for drinks and tunes by Jakob Trollback tonight at Riche.

  • 2016.02.02

    NBC NHL All Star

    Hockey pucks and guitar picks came together in Nashville for the 2016 NHL All Star Weekend.

  • 2016.01.21

    Jakob in Davos

    Jakob with Kofi Annan discussing The Global Goals at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

  • 2016.01.13

    The Beatles Playlist

    Jakob's favorites from The Beatles catalogue, now available on Spotify.

  • 2016.01.05

    Spotify Party

    Check out our dance moves in our new spot and in the BTS created for the Spotify Party app.

  • 2015.12.23

    St Lucia

    To celebrate the holidays, the spirit of St. Lucia came to T+Co — bearing pizzas!

  • 2015.12.07

    Jakob in Paris

    Jakob took the stage at Paris’s beautiful Petit Palais today for the#EarthtoParis conference.

  • 2015.12.03

    Pvblic Article

    Thanks to PVBLIC Foundation for recognizing Jakob Trollbäck as one of the most influential media and communications executive of 2015.

  • 2015.12.03

    Salon IV

    From design studio to music studio. Last night’s salon featured a set list starring DJ Brian Sweeny, Critter & Guitari's Chris Kucinski, and Bob Maynard with Friends.

  • 2015.10.27

    We Mean Business

    Take a look at the spot we created for We Mean Business. We helped illustrate the progress they've made toward ending climate change.

  • 2015.10.24

    Global Goals Launch Party

    This Monday, October 26th, we welcomed guests to celebrate the launch of The Global Goals.

  • 2015.10.15

    AIGA Design Conference

    Take a look at the 14 interstitial films we created for the 2015 AIGA Conference in New Orleans.

  • 2015.10.10

    IBM Bluemix

    Take a look at the spot we made to introduce IBM’s new secure on-premesis cloud platform, IBM Bluemix.

  • 2015.10.01

    Advertising Week

    Jakob appeared on a panel at Advertising Week 2015 in New York to discuss The Global Goals on the topic “World’s Most Important Campaign”.

  • 2015.09.18

    T+Co in Fast Company

    Our thanks to Fast Company for their great writeup today on our branding of The Global Goals.

  • 2015.08.03

    Salon III

    Founder and Creative Director of design studio HunterGatherer, Todd St. John, joined us for our third salon.

  • 2015.06.17

    Salon II

    Swedish photographer Patrik Andersson came to present his work and discuss "The Five Most Obvious Questions To Ask A Photographer", at our second Passion + Battles salon.