NBC Rio 2016 Logo
Flame + Glory
© 2015

The NBC Olympics logo is one of the most powerful visual symbols in sports.

Its widespread, multi-platform distribution and a lifespan extending well beyond the main events of the Olympic Games ensure that it will make its mark for years to come. The NBC Rio 2016 logo intertwines several crucial elements present in the Games: Energy, Grandeur, Inspiration and Motion.

Logo system
Flow of Energy
We merged the colors of the Brazilian flag with the NBC brand palette to form three different color elements overlapping in motion beneath the logo typography. These three components in turn represent sun, land, and water and they animate to create a dynamic, colorful background. The shapes echo the Rio landscape and mountain topography, as well as the bright mood of the city. The movement of the animation represents the energy of the Games and NBC’s up to the minute, exciting live coverage of each event.
On Air
We spent a lot of time on the design of the custom Rio lettering for the logo. We wanted to communicate energy and rhythm, and to give it a visual flow - as if it was constantly in motion. To guide the fluid quality of the logo, we created an App to interface where we could change components including colors, shapes and motion to study how they interact and give life to the logotype. This exploration helped us to set parameters for the motion across different media. If you are curious about this element of the design process, download the App HERE.