Mr Robot
anarchy + usa
© 2015

USA Network's Mr. Robot tackles hot button issues of cyber security, vigilante justice, and social connectivity, and we were invited to break the mold of their promotional style to thrust the audience into a darker, grittier reality.

We got busy with a variety of in-camera effects to manipulate layers of light and refraction creating organic, futuristic images targeted at an audience of hip, tech-savvy Millennials. In keeping with “Mr. Robot’s” themes of subversion and disruption, USA’s clean, airy designs are overthrown in favor of more daring visual complexity. USA was willing to push boundaries with us and we are honored to reward them for taking that risk.

Behind The Scenes
We created all the visual effects in camera at our favorite place, Christopher Webb Studios in Brooklyn using custom robotic camera rigs to manipulate plexiglass prisms lit by LED lights.