BBC First
thrill + seduce
© 2014

This summer marked the premiere launch of the global drama channel BBC First in Australia. We were proud to be partners in creating the entire brand identity from the very beginning – having a hand in shaping everything from the name, tagline, logo, print design, sonic identity, on-air navigation and brand anthems.

The visual language of reflected and echoed moments in time capture the power of BBC First's unforgettable storytelling. The familiar yet ambiguous imagery is layered to mirror the emotional range of the viewer's life experiences portrayed by the rich programming. It was truly a collaboration to be cherished and a pleasure working with such sophisticated, intelligent, and passionate clients.

Each ID evokes a mood, teasing out the hint of a narrative leaving room for personal interpretation.
The navigation uses panels of lenses and light, compelling the viewer to see the world through the perspective of BBC First. Complimented by an elegant type system, a selection of warm and cool backplates cover the broad range of content from drama to suspense to comedy.
Production + Process
The live-action IDs were captured entirely in-camera using a custom technique to visually compliment the navigation. The original footage was shot by world-renowned DP Fred Elmes and Noah David Smith. In collaboration with Chris Webb the second layer of visual narrative required the design and construction of custom rigs. Rotating panes of beam-splitter glass and arrays of plexi-glass were used to generate multiple-exposures over rear-projected footage on frosted glass screens. Grammy-nominated composer Joshua Valleau scored each ID to complete the emotional journey.
Font + Color