BBC Earth
Unbelievable + Real
© 2015

The tagline "Be Here" invites us to go on incredible journeys to uncharted grounds and breathtaking explorations into the universe. BBC Earth has only one goal: To blow us away with unbelievable and unmissable experiences.

Presence is everything for BBC Earth. We defined the transformative nature of the programming with the new tag line "Be Here". To further that, it was a given that the design for BBC Earth would revolve around their amazing imagery. The channel should be a physical and emotional journey. We have always been thrilled about merging type with imagery, so we wrote down our feelings as we watched the programming, and made those words of excitement into bold type-portals between shots. To enhance the feeling of a journey, we created circular transitional devices using layers of the immersive footage to transport us to different places. As for colors, we picked up nuances from natural phenomena and light. Add world class dramatic music by Michael Montes and you're done!

The Idents show the amazing range of BBC Earth across every field of programming.
Colored type and milky overlays makes BBC Earth both elegant and bold.
Circular wipes take us through layers of images. Every transition is a small journey in itself.
Off-Air Campaign
"Be Fearless", "Be Transformed", "Be Humbled". Words supporting the tag line "Be Here" is driving launch campaigns around the world.