BBC Brit
Bangers + Mash
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BBC Brit is network for a certain kind of man.
This is where witty banter and madcap adventure meets intellectual substance - all with a healthy sense of the absurd. It's inspired by the things we talk about at the pub: Cars, Science, Adventure, Food, Comedy, Music and Sport. The frequent and honest display of misguided intelligence has also made this network a favorite of many amused women.

Brit is the newest member to join the BBC family. Launching worldwide this year.

With titles like “Top Gear,” “Bang Goes the Theory” and “Mock the Week” along with personalities such as Louis Theroux, Karl Pilkington and Gordon Ramsay, we sought to highlight the quirky and fun attitude of BBC Brit's programming. The inherent challenge was to make sure that the brand would resonate in a wide range of cultures around the world.

Graphic Language
Clean, in-your-face graphics capture the bold and whimsical spirit of the brand with a subtle nod to the Union Jack, that doesn’t become overtly British.
Playing on the idea of a "Bro-Code," we created a system of graphic icons for the different types of BBC Brit programming.
Brit Idents
For Station ID's, we created a system of “Rules of BBC Brit” – quirky ways to live your life. The ID's are copy driven and bold, using two-tone graphic patterns to drive home the ballsy attitude of the brand.