AICP Next 2016
Circuits + Pulses
© 2016

For the 2016 installment of the AICP Next Awards, we took advantage of the brand new, ultra-wide movie screen and sound system at the New School’s Tishman Auditorium. “Send + Receive” is a cinematic experience that maximizes content for the screen above a platform of 20 LED monitors.

As much an audio experience as a visual one, “Send + Receive” is a meditation on communication and emotional connectivity in a digital space. It combines a stylized 3D world with synthetic and analog sounds produced by our sound partners at Antfood. The audio progresses from static to melody as a network of electric pulses resolve themselves into the AICP logo lockup.

In addition to the show open, we also designed stage assets, interstitial titles, and other branding assets for the event.

Behind The Scenes