AICP Next 2015
Ludwig + 360
© 2015

AICP Next is the award for the future. It recognizes accomplishments in non-traditional media advertising.

To match the creativity and passion of the honorees, we deployed massive screens, 4k projection, LED surfaces, and interactive bracelets to create a multisensory viewer experience. The linear installation, with a running time of 4 minutes, strives to convey the guiding principles of Next: that which is new, untapped, and unseen. The remarkable audio visual setup was once again done by our technological partners, McCann Systems and the sound was scored by House of Dayburn. The piece opens the show on all eight stops of the 2015 AICP tour.

Show Open
Inspired by Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophical work, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, the production explores the relationship between language and reality using projected imagery and performance art. A female Creator refutes and modifies a number of Wittgenstein’s statements put forth by an artificial intelligence. Tension builds until the conversation reaches a crescendo emblematic of genesis and birth.