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We had the privilege of being part of the visual voice of AICP Week 2014. The outcome of our creative energy? An installation, a large scale projection and a digital experience.

We started the week by kicking off the AICP Next Awards with a huge installation at the Skirball Center in New York. It was an incredible experience that played seamlessly across seven screens, including five LED cubes and a gigantic LED curtain as the backdrop to the the main projection screen. The booming emotional ride went through a graphic universe created with generative coding, live action and traditional 2D and 3D animation. There is no way to really capture the size of it on film, but check out AICP Founder Matt Miller at the end of the film for scale.

AICP Next Awards Show
AICP Show at the MOMA
During the AICP week party we projected a 3 hour loop of graphics and stories onto the walls of the MOMA, one of the largest canvasses in NYC.
AICP SHOW Homepage
Finally we imagined an immersive experience for the AICP AWARDS SHOW ARCHIVE homepage inspired by James Turell's installation environments. If you want to check out 25 years of commercial excellence, go to