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Trollbäck + Company is an innovative force within design, branding, and corporate storytelling. Our creative voice is guided by our belief in beauty and logic.

We want our work to be progressive and change the current dialogue in media and culture. Our obsession is to create understanding and excitement. As for work, we are always happy to liberate a strategy deck, and express it with passion and intelligence. We also get off on figuring out the most artistic and unexpected way to open a film or TV-Show. Our latest fixation is to tell origin stories. This is where it all starts, and nothing can exist without it. Our operators are standing by.

We invite you to “get smart” with IBM technology for the latest installment of the “Smarter Planet” advertising campaign. In partnership with Ogilvy and Picture Farm Productions, we are proud to help bring the work of iconic brand builder and campaign inspiration Paul Rand to life.

USA Network's Mr. Robot tackles hot button issues of cyber security, vigilante justice, and social connectivity, and we were invited to break the mold of their promotional style to thrust the audience into a darker, grittier reality.

Our collaboration with The New School in NYC is a visualization of their "Design Inspired Process". The film premiered at the unveiling of the excellent new branding by our friend Paula Scher of Pentagram.

We created this handy app to help you keep your busy life organized. With Organize you can create unlimited color coded lists to categorize, re-order, swipe between, assign due dates to, email and text. This is the ultimate tool to help you sort out your life. We also made a tutorial film to explain how it all works. Come take a look, and get organized!